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Karsten and his new walking stick were constant companions last weekend as we rambled about together. And something about the water made him want to lean in close, swishing it about, giving us all our third heart attack in 15 minutes. That boy is busy!

But thank goodness it's a lifestyle session - not too posed, not too formal - perfect for kids and daddies alike :D We were catching real life, and this was real life. As was Tenley in her new helmet. But even that didn't daunt her jovial spirits. She truly is the happiest baby I've ever gotten to hold! (Full post on Happy Tenley here! You'll be so glad you clicked...)

So Kiel and Nichole wrangled and played along with Karsten's antics, as well as caught a minute together on the stairs - just mommy and daddy, husband and wife. After a little sliding and swinging at the play ground, we laid out the reward for Karsten's listening and obeying - a donut feast! I love love love when clients turn our session into memories, and Karsten will not soon forget the sprinkle donut he got to eat with "Tennie," sandwiched between mommy and daddy under a big forest sky. 

Kiel and Nichole, I adore your little family and am honored as always to catch a moment of it!