Tenley | Fresh 48 Lifestyle Newborn


"Heather, would you be up for doing a fresh 48 session with us when baby girl gets here?"

Cue: happy dance. YES YES YES YES YESSSSS!!!!!!!!

I had never documented a client's first moments with their new babe before and I have to tell you: I'm over the moon. It was so hushed and sweet and precious. Knowing I was capturing the way someone would remember a pivotal moment in their lives left me feeling humbled and honored. 

So it was on a bright sunny Wednesday morning at Women's Methodist hospital in Omaha. I went up to Kiel and Nichole's room where mama was quietly nursing Tenley and daddy was packing up odds and ends. I set to work, gently matching the mood while composing and conversing. The delivery went well. Tenley was a doll. Big Brother Karsten was at home with his aunt eating lunch.

Since they live within 5 minutes of the hospital, we arranged to spend half our time there and the rest in their home, catching all the firsts: crossing the threshold, Karsten's "helping," nesting in the nursery, family time, and more. 

Favorite moments? Mommy and Tenley cuddling in the looking glass, baby girl swaddled and watched over, symmetry in the windows, discovering Karsten's post-lunch grin, Mommy taking Tenley out of her car seat for the first time, that peachy coral nursery!, Karsten the jumping bean, flying with daddy, tickling with mommy, family cuddles and lots of sweet kisses from big brother. I am a big believer in older siblings being as much in the spotlight as baby. Those images of Karsten interacting are precious and playful and so him. 

Nichole and Kiel, thank you for inviting me to document such a beautiful and special moment in your lives! And Tenley, welcome to the world!!!   XOXO Heather

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