Halls & Kahnks | Lifestyle Family Photoshoot

Squirrely littles. Hugs and kisses. Quilted story time. Sister love. Smores.

As a photographer, I am oftentimes behind the lens of these special moments, but this year was different. This year, we hired our close friend and fellow photog - Elena Ogle - to capture us. (Best. Idea. Ever.) Elena has that attuned eye for catching artistic and endearing moments so indicative of the lifestyle genre I love. It was so fun to read stories on the quilt Gramma Alice made for our little Alice and cuddle and be us, all while knowing that Elena was making beautiful art with it. 

While there are loads of our whole family, the ones I've shared below are primarily me and the Mister with our Littles.

Elena, thank you for documenting this family of mine! What a priceless treasure you've given us!!

Sure do love this tribe...

Photo credit by Elena Ogle