The Hambidge Family | Lifestyle Family & Newborn Photography

Tickle fights. Pillow fights. Story time. Jumping on the bed. Mama cuddles. Daddy wrestling. Big Brother care.

You guys, I love lifestyle sessions. I'm not into props. I can't get newborns to be cute little naked bundles. I can't get kids to sit still and smile. BUT...I can instigate rough housing and cozy cuddles and real life moments that are beautiful. So that's what we did at the Hambidge Household!

Liam the Preschooler got to revel in some individual mommy-daddy time while new Baby Brother Beckham napped quietly in the next room. It's easy for the older ones to feel looked-over in the hustle and bustle that surrounds newborns, but Liam did not lack for love. Mama showered him with tickles and stories and caresses, and Daddy wrestled him into a story. Mama and I tiptoed to Baby Beckham and captured some beautiful moments in their Pinterest-worthy nursery. Once Beckham was full and drowsy we caught some family time and then went for a stroll for some fall glory and fresh air. 

Rachel and Craig, I hope you love these precious moments from my eyes and heart. You are a sweet family and I'm grateful for the invitation to document such a special time in your lives. It really is a privilege!

Enjoy a few of my favorites...