Mariah X James | Wedding Photography | Omaha X Nebraska | Lifestyle Photographer


I knew they’d be great together. They could laugh over everything. Light-hearted, kind-hearted. Yep, I was going out with a bang.

Two weeks ago I shot my last wedding, and Mariah & James’ perfect beginning was my perfect ending in the wedding industry.

The day was divine: cool, sunny, not a care in the world. And my friend and fellow photog, Hallie, came to shoot with me, adding to the richness of memory and alleviating the hullabaloo that inevitably comes with a big day.

So here you have it folks! My favs? THOSE FLOWER GIRLS. Tender moments with mom and dad. Ceremony faces. Hilarious friends. Mariah & James, alone, finally husband and wife.

Mariah and James, I am so happy for you as you walk hand in hand through time. Thank you for honoring me with capturing your special day. I hope you love these for a lifetime.